Who We Are

We are a national coalition of representatives from 13 states working on the Korean American divided family issue. We stand together with our friends who understand our pain and suffering, our government officials who work hard to find political solutions, our generation that courageously takes on this issue as their own, and all the people of different cultures who have stood against the human tragedy of divided family members for over 60 years.

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Coalition on the Divided Families is to reunite Korean Americans with their family members in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, to find out what has happened to their family members in the DPRK, to exchange letters and videos between Korean Americans and their family members in the DPRK, and/or to reunite through audio devices under the protection and support of the United States government.

The Coalition’s mission shall not be related to other human rights issues such as North Korean defectors or the refugee issue.