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We work with political officials, community leaders, and volunteers with the goal of creating a safe and legal mechanism for reunions between divided families.
Volunteers fuel the advocacy movement. Email if you are interested in any of the following positions.

Event Coordinator

The Coordinator will schedule and manage Divided Families Film screenings and other events. The Coordinator will organize the logistics behind these events and distribute screening kits.

Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer will create and design brochures, flyers, and action kits to be distributed during events and to be used for social media purposes.

Website Developer

The Website Developer will update and maintain the National Coalition for Divided Families website and create and organize the listserv.

Financial Officer

The Financial Officer will be responsible for the accounting and management of funds, which includes the maintenance of a bank account and administrative tasks such as writing reimbursement checks, depositing funds into the bank account, and budgeting for specific events.

Story Manager

The Divided Family Story Manager will develop a campaign/system to encourage community members to record the stories of their divided family members before they pass away, which will include community mobilization and the development of information packets on how to conduct, record, edit and post stories online.

Research & Strategy Officer

The Officer will research the strategies for political advocacy through communicating with key contacts, allies, and supporters of Korean American Divided Family Reunions. Other proposed activities are to study the Cuban American and Russian Jewish American examples of success and North and South Korean mechanisms of reunions.
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