Why You Should Register

The U.S. government has no data to negotiate with North Korea on the divided families. We need 1,000 to 2,000 applications from divided family members for them to work on the reunification. Please fill out the applications and send them to us in order to help other family members who do not know what happened to their North Korean family members even if you are no longer interested in reuniting with your family members.

Please choose the language of the application form, download it, fill it out, and then upload it.


You can also email it to your area Coalition representative or Chahee Lee Stanfield at director@dividedfamiliesusa.org with “Register Divided Family Member” as the subject.

How Divided Family Members Can Help

  • Inform the divided family members around you about us or help them to contact us.

  • Help divided family members to fill out registration forms and mail them to us.

  • File your stories and photos in our Pictorial Archives.

  • Let us know if you know of any divided family members who need our help.

Join the Movement for Divided Families!